This is your starting and ending point, good
luck.  My setup has a METCO interchangeable
lower which makes removing the belts
easier.  So your process may vary slightly.
This shows my radiator overflow and
intercooler overflow removed as I ended up
stripping out the hex bolts (circled) from
METCO, this resulted in having to remove the
entire radiator to get a drill in there.  A quick
phone call to METCO got me all new hardware
for the idler relocation bracket and tensioner
brace for $5 plus shipping.
This just shows the supercharger belt
removed and the location of the outer
Just another picture of the pulley
First remove the snub idler pulley.
Next remove the snub idler
Next remove the other two idler
Next remove the lower idler pulley.
Next remove the pulley bridge.
Next remove the relocation bracket that is
under the power steering tank and next to the
View from underneath of one of
the nuts you have to remove to
flex one of the lines out of the way
to get the pulley bridge out.
In case you lose your way here is a
belt routing picture, and then just
reverse the steps.